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Welcome! London Tides is a unique resource that can be used as an app for smart phones displaying daily high tides, low tides, and danger tides for 9 key locations along the River Thames. It allows users to plan their day out on the river by searching for tide levels months in advance.

To access the app on your mobile device, simply enter www.londontides.com on your smartphone browser and save as a bookmark or as a link on the home screen. From there you can explore tidal data.

We are grateful to Maven Plan for their sponsorship and to the Port of London Authority for providing the data.

All tidal prediction data is supplied by the Port of London Authority. Our sources indicate this data is correct at time of publishing (Jan 2014). Maven Plan and the PLA do not accept responsibility for the information provided. Please note that water levels can be affected by land water and other weather events.

Times adjusted to reflect GMT and BST respectivly.
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